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How Violations of Federal Safety Regulations Cause Truck Accidents

Collisions between large commercial trucks and other vehicles often leave victims grappling with devastating physical, emotional and financial burdens. A significant portion of these accidents stems from violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. These rules are established to ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles and when ignored can have life-altering consequences…. Read More »

Delayed Symptoms of Hidden Injuries After a Car Crash

The immediate aftermath of a car accident is chaotic. Cuts and bruises and some pain may be evident, but a more insidious threat often lurks — hidden injuries that can take days, weeks or even months to manifest. The body’s natural fight-or-flight response releases adrenaline, a hormone that acts as a temporary pain reliever. This… Read More »

Understanding the Causes of Truck Rollovers

Rollovers are among the most destructive accidents on the roads, resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities. They occur when physical forces cause a vehicle to tip onto its side or its roof, perhaps rolling multiple times. The chances of rolling over are greater for vehicles with high centers of gravity — especially large trucks…. Read More »

The Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents in Kansas

Every year, thousands of car accidents occur in the state of Kansas, leading to injuries, property damage and, in some cases, loss of life. Most of these accidents involve multiple vehicles. Identifying the main causes of accidents can be important in establishing liability for monetary damages. According to a Kansas Department of Transportation report, the… Read More »

Who May Be Liable for Damages Suffered in a Truck Accident?

A damages lawsuit following a truck accident is usually more complicated than one for a crash involving two cars or SUVs. In addition to the gravity of the injuries and property damage that result, there may be multiple parties and multiple insurance companies. Identifying the potentially responsible parties and holding them liable takes good footwork… Read More »

How Kansas No-Fault Law Limits Damages for Car Accident Victims

Kansas is one of 12 states that have a no-fault insurance system, which limits the damages available to automobile accident victims. If you are hurt in a collision, you cannot directly sue the other driver to seek compensation, regardless of who was at fault. Instead, you must first look to your own insurance policy’s personal… Read More »